We also offer a turnkey installation service of some process systems for honey, foods and sauces, water treatment and pumping systems for example. We can also assist in the electrical and process design of instrumentation and controls systems to work together in delivering a reliable and efficient system for your factory.

Anchor Control Systems

We offer a wide range of control system design, new installations, legacy upgrades, continuous improvement projects and optimisation.

With over 15 years experience in programming, design and installation of PLC systems and systems integration, we remove the stress of getting your system running reliably and efficiently and most importantly, first time and on time. We also specialise in visualisation for an easy operator to factory interface.

Anchor Motor and Pump Controls

We are proud to have been involved in the design and installation of many motor control systems like Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starts, Servos and Direct On-Line. The motor sizes have varied from 220Kw to 0.25Kw in all kinds of applications. Some of the applications have been compressors, frost protection pumps, constant pressure pumping applications and conveyor controls. We specialise in integrating your new motor controller of any kind into your existing factory architecture.

No application is too big or too small, so for your next motor application, give us a call.  

Anchor Process and Instrumentation Systems

Over the years we have been part of many process and instrumentation installation projects. These projects have been instruments used in applications such as temperature, pressure, mass flow measurement, magnetic flow measurement density, pH and so on. We have also been involved in process and instrumentation design of factories like honey, sauces, water systems, food systems, steam systems and similar process plants.

In addition, we have installed pneumatic and hydraulic control systems in various applications for example; valves, lift systems, actuators solenoid controls.

Laser Plumbing & Electrical Napier also offers a calibration service of your temperature, pressure and scale systems.

We have our own fully qualified Instrumentation Technician with over 15 years experience in the field, which is one of only a handful of actual trade certified instrumentation specialists in the bay.

Anchor Industrial Safety Systems

Electrical safety systems is a high priority for our clients and our staff. Where required on any installation and ensuring that your machinery, plant equipment or process lines are safe to use, we design and install all our electrical safety systems to AS/NZ4024.

These systems would include emergency stop circuits, machine guarding, safe machine entry into machine guarded zones and utilizing light curtain safety systems for safe operator entry.

We can also assist with the design phase of any system to determine the risks introduced by new machinery or plant equipment and guard the system to the appropriate category level.

Whether your machinery is new or existing, we will ensure that you have peace of mind that your staff are safe with the use of your equipment and that you can be assured that the safety systems installed are compliant with AS/NZ4024.